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The Round Portico, Needham

Rounded porticos are usually the epitome of a beautiful traditional entry point to a house. Porticos may have or may have not balustrade/railing on top balcony. The railing adds a beautiful design component to the whole front of the house and that's the reason our clients contacted us.


When I first saw the portico there was a railing there that was built with plywood and after 3 years was already falling apart. I was thinking at the beginning- what will be the best approach to build this massive railing with solid wood?To build a railing this size from solid red cedar that is structurally strong I saw one way-I am gonna build it like I would build an arbor. Once I knew what we are doing it was really a matter of hard work and concentration by the whole team to build it and installed it. It is made to stay there for many years to come and now it makes this beautiful home complete.

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