Pergola in Wellesley

Pergola in Wellesley

The main reason that this pergola was built, was because in the winter snow and ice was sometimes falling from the roof and the homeowners wanted to create some kind of protection from that. The most obvious thing would be to build a roof over the porch and that's it, but the clients wanted to still kind of keep it open, let as much light coming trough as possible. Then I thought-why don't we build a pergola. Build out of solid wood it'll give protection, privacy, plenty of light and will look great. This is the beginning of how this porch was designed and built. 

The entire pergola was build with red cedar as well as the lattice under the deck. The deck itself is build with mahogany. For the railings, in a rare instance, we used composite railing. This is how it came out.



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