Mahogany Deck in Weston,MA

Mahogany Deck in Weston,MA

Natural mahogany deck with mahogany railings in Weston, MA. Decks when built and designed correctly bring a lot of value and joy to their owners. We like to use natural materials and wood and our approach to decks is more old school, than what's nowadays with the composite materials, pvc trim, railings, etc. In my opinion nothing beats natural materials and really everything has been built from scratch and with high quality craftsmanship this deck will last a long time. It can require a little be more attention from maintainability point of view, but you gonna have something really nice. Natural wood also allows to be sand it and painted and stain and can look like brand new in 15-20 years vs PVC you cannot do that. Out from the many decks we've built over the yers this is one of my favorite. Proudly designed and built by SHP FINE CARPENTRY to cherished for generations.



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