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What you see is a natural mahogany deck with mahogany railings built in Weston, MA. When decks are built and designed correctly, they bring a lot of value and joy to their owners. At SHP, we like to use natural materials and wood. Our approach to decks could be categorized as more of an old- school one, rather than what is considered modern these days, with the use composite materials, PVC trim, railings, etc. In my opinion, nothing beats natural materials and really everything has been built from scratch and with high quality craftsmanship. This deck will last a long time. It can require a little bit more attention from maintainability point of view, but beauty comes with a price. Natural wood also allows to be sanded, painted, stained and can look like brand new after 15-20 years, while using PVC can never deliver that quality and looks. Out from the many decks we have built over the years, this is one of my favorite. Proudly designed and built by SHP FINE CARPENTRY to be cherished for generations.

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