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Bookcase, Lincoln 

We designed and built this corridor bookcase to serve as the main library in the house back in 2019. The idea was to use the full length of the hallway, without making something that will make the space look smaller. The beams coming down the ceiling made me think that I can create a straight line that fits the angles. I also wanted to use the third shelf as a place where you can put books and this is how these panels/dividers naturally appeared in the design. After I knew I will have panels going up the only detail left to figure out was how exactly it will look. Then I said to myself "Why don't I make it with bullnose profile on the front? That would look nice." Once this idea started to jiggle in my head I thought that if I do bullnose dividers I want to make all the other parts that are protruding from the shelves with the same profile as well. Then the path was clear - panels, tops, and baseboard will all have a bullnose and will all be built with 1-inch stock. On top of that, I decided they will have the same finish - high quality urethane semi- gloss. The bookcases were built with Baltic Birch plywood and for everything else I used 5/4 poplar. When the clients told us that it looks like it has always been in this hallway, I knew we have succeeded.


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