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Home Office in Lexington

The eighteen foot interior wall gave us a great opportunity to have a built-in unit that would serve mainly as a home office/library type of cabinetry. It has a really low profile, the desk is less than twenty inches wide, but still gives plenty of storage space and one can work comfortably. The key feature here is the cherry desk top that we built and it came out really great. I don't remember how many coats of finish we applied, but it was a lot. I used an oil based polyurethane, which takes more time to dry and this desk took a while before we achieved what you see on the pictures. I went for inset style, face frame cabinetry with one inch thick maple doors, drawers fronts, and fixed bookshelves. It is really built to be heavily used and at the same time is really elegant and it changed the look and feeling in the entire room.

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