Cabinets in Living Room in Newton

Cabinets in Living Room in Newton

Large custom cabinet system with mixed use that SHP FINE CARPENTRY completed in 2020. The end cabinets on each side serve as clothes and shoe storage, hanging place for bags and other things. The middle part of the lower cabinets is consistent of nine drawers and three pairs of double doors, which makes a lot of storage space that is easily accessible. The upper part is split between open bookshelves and display cabinets with glass doors and shelves. The counter top is built with 6/4 white oak stock. All doors and drawers are built with 5/4 maple. The backs of the upper cabinets are made with V-Groove panels to add more character and elegance of the entire cabinet. Strip of led lights illuminates the upper cabinetry and we also added additional outlets to make this system not only pretty but also highly functional. . This are the cabinets we came up with:

  • -1 inch maple doors and drawer fronts to make it extra strong 

  • -6/4 white oak counter top, hand finished with urethane -5 coats

  • -v-groove backing for all the upper cabinets to give a more elegant look of this giant cabinets

  • -single panel glass doors to showcase more what's on display

  • -cabinet lights and outlets

  • -mudroom built in to match with white oak bench

  • -soft close Blumotion hardware on all doors and drawers

  • -everything handcrafted in our shop

  • -painted in house with BM Advance Barren Plain

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