Building massive round red cedar railings in Needham, MA

1)First step will be to build a platform, where the cutting will take place.Surface of the platform needs to be perfectly flat, so take your time and build it properly.

2)After you determine the inside and outside radius of the railing you can start building the jig that we gonna use for cutting the wood. Keep in mind how the size of the router bit will affect your radius.

3)Time to arrange the boards. I always do a perimeter cutting on the platform first, only scoring the plywood. This allows me to immediately see if the board is not within the radius.


4)After you cut all the boards, we need to number each one, which will help us determine the sequence once we start joining everything together. Here we have a total set of four boards-two for the top and two for the bottom railings.

5)Once we have all the parts cut is time to join them together. The principle is the same as I would typically build an arbor.

5)After filling all the screw holes with wood filler and sanding the railing, we can say it’s ready for painting.I can safely say that this is the easiest part of the process.

6)The 2×4 bracket on the base of the railing has two functions-it holds the railing from spreading apart, but most importantly it’ll help us to easily lifted to the second floor, just by using two ladders as tracks on which the railing will slide.

7) We already had the balusters milled in a local shop and was time everything to be put together.


8)Here Vlad can’t hide his excitement of completing this project
9)The railing is finally where it belongs. Dimensions-3″x9.5″x14′(diameter)


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